Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Portfolio Analysis

Wow, markets are being crushed today. GLD and NEM are good hedges today, even my oil holdings took a huge hit. I bought some more oil today...I think we'll make it back to $50/barrel in a year or so. The real question is when is the dollar going to drop? It's going up relative to the Euro, but I think it will ultimately suffer in comparison to commodities (inflation). That simply has to be the consequence of printing more money (aka, having the Fed buy T-bills). I plan to sell gold as it rises and buy more commodities in general (that's why the portfolio seems really gold heavy at the moment). I am not going to be buying any individual US equities for a while. For growth stocks I'd look at Amazon again if it goes back down to $35. For everything else, I am looking to see who can keep the dividends up and evaluating utilities.

Current non-retirement account holdings:
Tax free money market: 14.2% (Seven day yield at a pitiful 0.14%)
BKF (Brazil Russia India China ETF): 6.4%
DBA (Agricultural Commodity ETF): 7.7%
DBO (Oil ETF): 12.7%
EWY (SKorea ETF): 11.6%
GLD (Gold): 19.2%
NEM (Newmont Mining): 16.5%
TNP (Tsakos Energy Nav): 11.7%

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