Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Accept Yourself

Google Wisdom

Today's mantra: Accept Yourself

The Smiths

Dreams have a knack of just not coming true
And time is against me now...

Everything is hard to find
When you will not open your eyes
When will you accept yourself ?

But it's not just for the depressed:

If elephants spent their time wishing they were goldfish, or peacocks spent their time wishing they were crows, they'd live totally useless and disharmonious lives.

Sometime, something simple, repeated, becomes real.


I suggested a few cleverly designed, hypnosis-inspired phrases that were the linguistic equivalent of Kung Fu. They were simple (that’s my specialty), and once you heard these phrases, they made any competing ideas seem frankly stupid. Think of Johnny Cochran’s famous refrain “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” In my opinion, O.J. is a free man largely because of that phrase. My phrases worked the same way.

The people in high places tried my phrases. The phrases became world headlines the next day. I could tune the TV to any news channel and hear my words coming out of pundits’ mouths. The phrases smothered the competing ideas and just maybe changed the course of world events. (One can never know for sure.)

Today's Mantra: Accept Yourself.

This doesn't mean, don't change, don't improve, but understand and admit where you are starting from. How else will you know if you are making progress?