Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You know you're living in a girlie house when you can do an entire load of pink laundry every week. All pink. Seriously.

Nothing against pink here. Love pink. Still, I was tickled some other color when our pal Emily sent us a kickin' black onesie with a Dolly Parton image on it. Take that pink princess party palace!

Somehow the whole pink thing is kind of nuts. My wife has some pals whose husbands freak out about the possibility of their sons wearing pink. Completely mad, they are. Now, I don't actually have a son, but if I did, he would definitely be wearing whatever pink hand-me-downs his sister left for him. What's the worst that could happen??? And why is that worse?

Merlin's 5ives

Why is this stuff so funny to me? WHY?

Merlin's lists of 5ives.

Five ideas I’ve had for family theme restaurants
November 13th, 2006

1. B.F. Skinner’s Original Stuffers - The poultry skin of your choosing is stuffed with a la carte selections from “th’ fixin’s bar,” deep fried to a golden brown, and served with your choice of fun “Dippin’” sauces.
2. Bobby B. Butterworth’s Old Fashioned Dairy Funshack - A frozen quarterpound stick of salted creamery butter is hand-battered, “flash fried,” and served with your choice of fun “Dippin’” sauces.
3. Long John Silvers’ “Dripper” Hut - Offshoot of the fast-food seafood franchise offers “mini-buckets” of their leftover fried shortening flecks, served with your choice of fun “Dippin’” sauces.
4. Mouth Meat Mel’s - 450ยบ pizza — sure to immediately scald the roof of your mouth — is served with your choice of fun “Dippin’” sauces. (note: first-time members of “The Mel’s Mouth Meat Makers” receive a colorful “I damaged the delicate tissues of my mouth at Mel’s!” adhesive ribbon)
5. Dippin’ Dippin’ Dippin’! - The “Dippin’” sauce of your choice is served with your choice of fun “Dippin’” sauces.