Monday, November 24, 2008

The simple way to save money

I am sick of people saying that clipping coupons is good way to save money, if you really want money, here are your options:

  1. Move to a cheaper house/apartment - your biggest expense is the best place to save.
  2. Buy a cheaper used car with a good warranty.
  3. Get a better paying job or a second job (like cooking at home).
  4. Don't tithe- it's for suckers only- Gods don't want money, they can make their own.
  5. Travel cheaply, stay with friends.
  6. Stop buying expensive things. You don't need them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Go faster...

Great plan from New Hampshire for making sure everyone is making progress. I don't know if getting out early is the big benefit, but...

"We're simply telling students it's okay to go at their own pace," he says. Especially if that pace is a little quicker than the status quo.

That sounds great!

Nearly four years ago, New Hampshire began an initiative called Follow the Child. Starting practically from birth, educators are expected to chart children's educational progress year to year. In the future, this effort will be bolstered by formalized curricula that specify exactly what kids should know by the end of each grade level.