Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Less blind rule-following

From the rapidly growing comments on Rushkoff's faith=illness post...part of Rushkoff's own comment:

"At times like these, when the operating systems have become too corrupted, religions really do need to be rebooted. (That's largely what Christ attempted to do with Judaism - elevate it from a set of static laws into a more internalized and felt way of being. Less blind rule-following, and more spontaneous ethics.) "

This really rings true, and connects with my "Catholic" background- I felt kind of cheated that all of the thinking was done. There was really no need for a person to think about what the right thing to do was. People had already produced whole books of answers for the questions you might have. It was all about rules, not about thinking.

Where in my nature did I become so distrustful of being told what to do? Maybe because I was told so many wrong things? In any has served me well.

I can't believe people are calling Rushkoff insensitive...we can't get people to protect this world if they don't believe it's important.


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